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  Aluminium ladder  

Produced from high quality aluminium of VIJALCO company (use 6005 aluminium alloy), so product is very solid, hard and durability.
The key automatic lock when opening ladder to keep the ladder balance, safe for user.

Aluminium surface is anodized, so the product is unchange colour for the time.

The hands of key are improved by insert aluminium core inside, so the ladder is not broken and rust after a long time using.

Comfortable, convenient to carry, transport or storage.

The components are mounted together by screws, so we can screw and change components of the ladder after a long time using. Otherwise the ladder is used rivets (The classic ladder) often become loose after a long time using that can not be repaired.

The ladder has been tested by the way EN131-2:1993 based on The Quatest 3’s European standard, No. KT3-1675CK1