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Product use THAI DUONG's fabric,it is made of the plastic PVC, against bright sunlight and high outside temperature and imported from Malaysia.



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018 019 020 back of fabric

Besides, product also use CITEL's fabric, has waterproof features, imported from Spain and has 5 year warranty.

Docril 67 Docril 528   Docril 446  
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The frames of awning use special alloys which have high hardness so product can against strong winds, rains and storms, ...

Product have the alarm system when it has high winds or storms then awning will automatically roll up.

The surface of aluminium bar is anodized so products will be difficult Scratch, anti-mold clinging moss and micro. Besides, the product is painted color by the way cover Niken on the surface so the product will sunproof, rainroof time even in areas with inclement weather.
The device connect aluminum bars used by the ADC-12 aluminum alloy which is imported from Australia and is casted with the 250 tons pressure machine so the logo on it is clear, sharp.

1. Chemical composition of the device connect aluminum bars used by the ADC-12:
2. Chemical composition of the aluminum bar:
3. mechanical properties of the aluminum bar (N/m2):
4. Specifications of Motor GY45-50M:
5. The way fit the awning:
The device connect aluminum bars has been used in the usuall awnings
The device connect aluminum bars has been used in the TAN DAI THONG's awnings